Fain Environmental LLC offers services in Ecosystem Restoration, Geomorphic Evaluations, Water Resources, Floodplain Management, and Environmental Outreach.

Ecosystem Restoration

Fain Environmental LLC performs hydrologic and geomorphic analysis and design for ecosystem restoration projects throughout the watershed that adapt to changes in the environment.

River & Coastal Geomorphology

Fain Environmental LLC provides geomorphic evaluations that inform the design of ecosystem restoration, shellfish, and other projects from rivers to coasts.

Water Resources

Fain Environmental LLC performs water resources analysis for private landowners, public agencies, tribes, and industry.

Floodplain Management

Fain Environmental LLC works closely with clients from rivers to coasts to solve issues related to flooding and mitigate impacts of development.

Environmental Outreach

Fain Environmental LLC brings experience developing and presenting environmental education materials to a diverse audience on the West Coast and internationally.