Seabeck Creek Culvert Replacement Project and Hite Road Large Wood Placement

An Ecosystem Restoration project by Fain Environmental LLC

Seabeck Creek culvert replacement and Hite Road large wood placement. Seabeck, Washington.


  • Fish Passage Barrier Replacement
  • Hydrologic and Hydraulic Modeling
  • Scour Analysis
  • Large Wood Design and Placement

Location: Seabeck, Washington
Owner: Hood Canal Salmon Enhancement Group
Year: 2016-2018


Fain Environmental developed a hydrologic and hydraulic 1-D HEC-RAS model for a proposed culvert replacement project. We performed a flood frequency analysis for Seabeck Creek. We analyzed six different proposed bridge design geometries, design flows, and grading scenarios. Fain Environmental identified locations for potential large wood in the vicinity of the proposed bridge and downstream of Hite Road in a zone of extreme erosion. The proposed bridge would allow for fish passage upstream of the existing culvert.